About Us

At Savocent we believe that
"Quality is not an act but it is a habit."

“Savocent is dedicated to meet the needs of customers through discovering, developing, manufacturing & marketing the highest quality of pharmaceuticals formulation & animal healthcare products. We are guided by philosophy concept of “Harmony- Team- Credit- Reciprocity”. We establish unique corporate culture & build an excellent team. In the field of finished formulation Savocent has more than 50 products in various segments including major dosage forms. Our motto at its core value strives to build large scale pharmaceuticals enterprise which is leader domestically & internationally. We strongly believe quality comes from care & only a professional approach makes its perfect. Savocent believes in serving with a top quality product and aims to grow with our global partners.”

Who we are

We are a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare company in Lagos largest city of Nigeria that specialises in the importation, sales, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical and healthcare products in the Nigerian market.


It is well said “Health is Wealth”. At Savocent we take both as our guiding principles and are committed towards improving the health & well being of millions of people at all the corners of Nigeria by reaching out with solution which makes life easier and healthier.


Our commitment to provide best in quality, service & value which leads to measurably improved healthier community, offers greater satisfaction & continued growth with confidence. Our commitment results our products being available in each & every pharmacy across the globe to make each life happier & healthier.

A flexible and highly-responsive distribution channel allows Savocent Pharma to respond quickly and effectively to the ever-changing business needs of our customers.

Our supply chain activities are orchestrated from a world-class distribution centre in Lagos, Nigeria. Every action is driven by purpose-built information technology and implemented by an experienced team who are focused on meeting our customers’ high expectations.

Savocent Pharma has a strong commitment to ongoing improvement of performance and productivity. We encourage our people to develop new ideas and put fresh approaches into practice, so that we can continually lift our service levels.

To provide a high level of service to all sectors of the pharmaceutical market, Savocent Pharma operates four dedicated sales teams.

These experienced teams manage a broad range of products, from controlled prescription narcotics to over-the-counter pharmacy products. They also cover multiple therapeutic areas. In addition, our customer service teams complement our field representatives’ activities by providing supportive incoming and outgoing telemarketing programmes.

Our products are efficiently distributed either direct to pharmacy, grocery and hospital customers, or via the wholesale network.

Savocent Pharma is fully committed to the manufacture and distribution of affordable, high-quality healthcare products. At our state-of-the art plant and laboratories, we offer you an end-to-end solution from development to delivery.

Get to know us better.

We have over forty unique brands consisting of Over the Counter (OTCs) and POM pharmaceutical products manufactured in a world-class facility that have WHO pre-qualified GMP certifications. Our products are of great quality, duly registered and certified by NAFDAC.

What Our Happy Clients say

When you work at Savocent, you aren't just a Business Manager or a Sales Representative.

You're a Change Maker, you're the initiator